World Record Run On It Needles Show Staging Looking Good

Welcome to Connolly Boats

This is where old school meets the new school!

Connolly's are not for everyone. But a select few who like to feel speed at its finest. Whether it is river racing at over 100 MPH or taking a turn at 80 MPH there is nothing like doing it in a Connolly!

So if speed is in your blood, than sit back. You have found the right place.


All Connolly's are hand produced custom made one at a time. There are many choices in a build, but at Connolly, the things that come first are quality, compliance, uniqueness and customer satisfaction!

New School

New technology starts in our hull, bye directional mat, Polyester resins, and vacuum bagged balsa core make the new Connolly stronger and lighter than ever before. New engines with their electronic ignition and fuel systems meeting CARB. standards. All in a Coast Guard approved vessel.

What Are You Waiting For?

Interested in seeing first hand? Well if you are in one of the neighboring states, we are just a short drive to Lake Havasu. If you are further, the Lake Havasu Airport makes a nice rendezvous point! We would gladly pick you up.